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Information Game Android 18+ Corruption-v1.85

Unduh Korupsi APK Android v1.85 - Korupsi untuk Android APK,
Unduh juga Korupsi APK Unduh, Korupsi APK Adult Game Android Port.

Saya suka topik korupsi. Gadis-gadis dalam game menjadi semakin bejat.
Anda dapat melihat berbagai peristiwa untuk setiap tingkat korupsi.

Spesifikasi Game Android 18+ Corruption-v1.85

Release Date : 2020-03-24
Developer/Publisher : Mr.C – Patreon
Censored : No
Version : 1.85
Platform : Windows, Linux, Mac
Language : English
Genre : 3DCG,Male protagonist, Incest, MILF, Corruption, Mind control,
Slave, Harem, Drugs, Big ass, Big tits, Exhibitionism, Handjob, Titfuck.

– Julia and Twins new garden scene
– Julia and Twins shopping scene
– Family dinner scene
– Julia Flirt scene in garden
– Julia Jerk off scene in her room
– Julia Flirt scene in her room
– Julia driving scene
– Twins new level scene
– Twins Flirt scene in garden
– Twins Tennis scene
– Bar hostess scene

– Sophia first event scene (Jenny & Nicole in the living room)
– Sophia’s house visit scene (with Jenny & Nicole)
– Sophia new level scene
– Sophia massage scene
– Mrs. Robinson help housework scene
– Mrs. Robinson new level scene
– Mrs. Robinson night scene
– Fast-food restaurant part-time job scene
– Fat family elevator scene
– Airport event scene
– Stewardess scene in the airplane
– Beach, casino, coffee shop, magic island introduction scene
– Added a new world map (use the subway)
– New Character: Sophia, Justin, Mrs. Robinson,
Fat mom & Daughter, Stewardess etc.
– New Place: Apartment (you can sleep in Justin’s house
and Sophia’s house at night), Casino, Beach, Airport,
Fast-food restaurant (you can earn the money here), Coffee shop

-Added Playground new level
-3 hide and seek scenes​
-Added Alice new level
– new Date scene​
– new Flirt scene​
– new ‘Look around’ scene​
-Amanda (Doctor’s mother) new scene
-Discipline 4 level scenes in the lobby
(The hospital’s lobby appears only when
doctor and nurses have a certain level)​
-New subway scenes (You can see this event only in the morning)
-Passenger sexual harassment 7 level scenes​

-Principal new level scene
-Principal office random event scene
-School staff-meeting scene
-PE teacher talk scene at the school gym
-Class participation scene at the school gym
-Gym girls vaulting horse scene
-School girls new level assembly on Monday morning at the school gym
-School hall random 2 events
-School toilet scene
-School rooftop scene
-Dana&Becky new level scene
-Family dinner scene in principal’s house
-Resident women scene

v1.55 Bugfix
-Michelle new level scene
-Michelle street patrol newbies training scene
-Michelle subway patrol newbies training scene
-Chief gas-potion event scene
-Amy punishment event scene
-Bella punishment event scene
-New jail event scene
-Look for newbies scene
-New subway women-only car scene
-Increased computer bonus money
-New character: Amy, Bella
-New world map: TV station
-New MC’s room menu: Watch TV

-Mrs. Robinson new level scene
-Mrs. Robinson house work help scene
-Mrs. Robinson night drinking scene
-Mrs. Robinson new animation
-New elevator scene
-New fast-food restaurant scene
-Slave Jenny and Nicole visiting grandma scene in living room
-Sophia new level scene
-Sophia, Jenny and Nicole caress animation
-Sophia new kiss scene
-Sophia and Mrs. Robinson meeting scene
-Added mayor story line in City hall and mayor’s mansion
Computer password : 1546

Introduction of New Characters:
Bella’s (Police Newbie) Father and Mother
Amy’s (Police Newbie) Father and Mother
New Location :
-Bella’s House
-Police Chief Newbie Training Scene
-Michelle Newbie Street Patrol Scene
-Michelle Slave Event Scene
-Michelle Private Room (No Scene Yet)
-Police Chief Slave Event Scene
-Police Chief Officer Convene Scene
-Michelle Newbie Street Patrol Scene
-Look for Newbies Scene
-Bella and Amy’s Mom Corruption Scene
-Bella and Amy spanked in front of moms.
-Bella and Amy’s moms kiss in front of dads.
-Bella and Amy spank their moms.

Each scene is very short, and thus is a standard
update for Mr.C. Not large but enough to string along his patrons.
Total CG added: 144

Newbies’ mom new level scene
– Newbies’ mom new jail scenes
– Newbies’ mom blow job scene
– Newbies’ mom slave scene
– Newbies’ mom pregnant scene
– New campaign support speech scene
– New scene of Mrs. Simpsons’ house
– New scene at convenience store
– Election Broadcasting Debate on TV-Station
– Michelle cycling scene in a private room
– New airport and in-flight scenes
– Private room Michelle bug fixed

-Mrs. Simpson Slave Event
-Mrs. Simpson Slave Initiation Scene
-Mrs. Simpson Talk Event
-Mrs. Simpson Class Inspection Scene
-Mrs. Simpson Yoga Private Room Scene
-Melissa (Principal) Slave Event
-Melissa Talk Event
-New Staff Meeting Event/Teacher Enslavement Scene
-New Morning Assembly Event/Student Enslavement Scene
-School Support Campaign Speech Scene
-Lifeguard Slave Scene
-Girls in Principal’s Office Impregnation Scene
-Girls in Principal’s Office Pregnancy Announcement Event
-New School Hall Scene w/ Pregnant Girls from Principal’s Office
-New School Toilet Scene
-New Gym Scene
-New Computer Room Scene
-New Pool Scene
-New Lifeguard Scene
-New CG: 119


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