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Tot Dorking SQLi - Scanning Dork Vulnerability Web SQL Injection Version 1.0
WAFW00F allows one to identify and fingerprint Web Application Firewall WAF use GNU/Linux
SiteBroker - A cross-platform python based utility for information gathering and penetration testing GNU/Linux
Upgrade Tools Penetration Testing Sqlmap di BackBox 6 GNU/Linux
Exploit DESIGNED & DEVELOPED BY : CREATIVE-ZONE SQL Injection Tested BackBox GNU/Linux
XSS GET URL parameter in PHP Native 7.4
Install dan Konfigurasi Shodan IO API Key di CLI GNU/Linux
Dirsearch - Web Path Scanner Tested BackBox 6 GNU/Linux
Port Scanning Menggunakan Nmap di GNU/Linux
Fix Error "Can't locate Term/ in" install ATSCAN di BackBox 6 GNU/Linux
Bypass WAF SQL Injection Menggunakan SQLMap di GNU/Linux
DroneSploit - Drone pentesting framework console GNU/Linux
OKadminFinder - Easy way to find admin panel of site Tested BackBox GNU/Linux
82webmaster SQL Injection Vulnerability Tested on BackBox GNU/Linux
BurpSuite Pro V2.0.11 di BackBox GNU/Linux
Mengatasi AIRODUMP-NG Tidak Menampilkan Network di Adaptor WIFI QCA9377 DLL GNU/Linux
How to get the Invite Code - Hack the Box - GNU/Linux
Mengatasi "GPG error when updating, key expired Metasploit" di BackBox GNU/Linux
HiddenEye Modern Phishing Tool With Advanced Functionality on BackBox 5.3 GNU/Linux
Sitadel - Web Application Security Scanner tested on BackBox 5.3 GNU/Linux